Spanish Screenings – Sevilla TV 2016 Summary Balance Video

From November 9th to the 11th, more than 70 national and international buyers from over 30 countries…

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Inauguración Spanish Screenings Sevilla TV 2016

Spanish Screenings – Sevilla TV 2016 Summary Video

From November 9th to the 11th, more than 70 national and international buyers from over 30 countries…


Spanish Screenings – Sevilla TV 2016 is an event designed as a platform to promote exclusively Spanish television content internationally. It aims to drive sales and projections in new production markets from this important sector of the audiovisual industry.

The first edition of the Spanish Screenings – Sevilla TV 2016, will become Spain’s most important market for the international sale of exclusive TV products.

For three days (November 9 – 11th, 2016), producers, sales agents, TV networks and representatives from the most important companies in the field will have the opportunity to show their most recent offer, catalogue and projects to international buyers; hold business meetings and participate in a series of activities designed to create business and networking opportunities among participants.

Ultimately, Spanish Screenings – Sevilla TV 2016 is a new opportunity for the creation of business spaces and new markets for the Spanish audiovisual production.




Seville, capital of Andalusia

Seville is the capital of Andalusia and Spain’s fourth most populated city (700.000 inhabitants). It is also one of Europe’s most important historical cities, symbol of its cultural diversity. It has been home to key Mediterranean civilizations, from the Tartessians to the Phoenicians, to the Greeks, Romans, Arabs and most recently it was the communication port between America and Europe. Today it continues to be one of the most vibrant capitals of Southern Europe, attracting 2.3 million visitors in 2015. It is also one of the poles for audiovisual production in Spain.

For more information: www.visitasevilla.es/en

The Festival

The main goal of the Seville European Film Festival is to promote and divulge European cinematography, being established as an annual meeting point for European cinema talent, specialized journalists and professionals of the sector. Nine days in which the industry, public and critics convene around a selection of the best European cinema.

For more information: www.festivalcinesevilla.eu/en

Festival de Málaga


Previous Editions


  • Cines Nervión

    C.C. Nervión Plaza, Calle Luis de Morales, S/N.
    (41001) Sevilla

  • Sales Office – Videoteca

    Hotel Hesperia Sevilla.
    Av. Eduardo Dato, 49 (41018) Sevilla

  • +34 915121660

Social Networks


This market’s main novelty. For three days, Nervion cinemas in the city of Seville will be available for TV networks, production companies, and sales agents to show their offered programming to attending international buyers. Hiring companies will have the possibility of complementing these screenings with special promotional events.

Sales Office

Private areas for industry agents where distributors, buyers and producers will be able to hold business meetings with invited buyers.

Located at the Hesperia Hotel, it will be open to all attendees credited to participate in the market. It will be open from 10:00 to 19:00h during the 3 days of the event. Companies may reserve exclusive or shared spaces located in the preferential area.

Video Library

The Video Library located in the Sales Office, will be open exclusively for international buyers from 10:00 to 19:00h during the 3 days of the event.

The Video Library is a service offered to all the companies in the audiovisual sector in order to facilitate and promote the sale of the titles available in the market.

Companies that hire this service will count with exclusive commercial information related to amount of views received.

International Buyers

Spanish Screenings – Sevilla TV 2016 organizers invites the most important and active buyers from the five continents to this event, with the main purpose of showing them the most recent national TV production and encouraging them to acquire our productions in order for them to distribute them in their respective countries, thus promoting and driving exportation of the Spanish audiovisual sector.

Conferences and Round Tables

With the main idea of discussing the necessary synergies between cinema and television, proposed conferences and round tables will analyze the important changes that are happening in the audiovisual sector and will attempt to identify future trends, stressing the opportunities that these events can produce for audiovisual creators, addressing subjects such as collaboration and commonalities between producing for the small and the big screen, coproduction, funding strategies and content distribution specially within the European territory.


Presentation of a selected series of audiovisual projects, following pitching methodology. Participating producers will present the main points of their proposal in a short period of time, in front of an audience composed of various industry agents who will be allowed to make comments and ask questions regarding the presentation, generating an exchange the will enable networking and potential agreements for the development of new projects among attendees.